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Residential spray foam insulation:

Frustrated with high energy costs? Drafts in your home? Is walking across your bedroom floor in the morning like wandering out onto the ice? How about that floor above your garage, or the downstairs rec room? Do you need a coat to brave the attic? The sad thing is you are not alone.

There are many places in a Residential building where you are potentially losing energy. These are typically:

under the roof
under crawlspaces
under additions without basements or non-heated additions
rim joists (headers) and exterior walls

Common Areas of Energy Loss:

Bad news, most homes will have up to 50% of their hot or cold air leaking outside when it should remain trapped inside. Did you know that enough air escapes from a typical house every day to fill two Goodyear blimps? In winter, cold air seeps in and the warm air that you paid to heat escapes. You can feel it happening around your doors and windows.

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